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Pet Nanny Service


Dog Walking and Puppy Visiting services are billed weekly in advance, due on first day of service for the week. We require a minimum of 3 days per week for dog walking and puppy visiting services. Of course more visits can be accommodated if the client so desires.

Pet Sitting is reserved through a 50 percent deposit in order to hold a reservation. The balance is due on the first day of service.

Please note that for Pet Sitting Services, we regret that we can not skip visits in between days of service, as we take our responsibility for the care your pet very seriously and assume you do, also.  This policy applies to both cats and dogs.

We request 2 sets of keys for your security and ours. We can retain keys in order to accommodate regular clients and last minute services. We must have an initial meeting with all clients and their pets in order to establish service. This meeting is free of charge.  After our first service is rendered, we consider our clients to be regular clients and are happy to maintain the keys on file should the client so desire.

There is a $5.00 pick up fee for keys if not dispensed at the initial meeting. There is no drop off fee at the end of service should the client not wish to have keys retained on file.

It is our policy to never leave keys at the client’s home before his/her return. If a client is delayed for some reason, it is a danger to the pet.

Dog Walking 

For Dog Walking Services, please note that your dog should have current vaccinations for BHLPP, Bortadella, and Rabies. If your dog does not have these current vaccines, we request that you sign a waiver explaining your reasons for this. We can accept dog walking reservations for individual walks if vaccinations are not current, but regret that we can not do this for group walks.

Your dog must wear a proper id tag and possess a secured collar or harness for walking. If your dog will be walked with a group, your dog must have protection from fleas ticks and heartworm.

We can not walk dogs who are a threat to people or other dogs.

We can only walk dogs who are trained to walk on a leash.

We will schedule dog walks and pet visits within a two hour time frame.

We do not charge extra for simple medications for pets, provided the pet is willing and cooperative in receiving the medication. There is a $5.00 charge for insulin shots per visit. We do not administer subcutaneous fluids.

Our polices and rates are subject to change without notice

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